Choosing the best windows for your house or business with this article to

the types and windows  application available.

Windows Basic

A window is an opening in a wall, door, roof or vehicle that allows the passage

of light, air and sound. Basically, windows are sorted in operable and fixed .

 Windows Application

Consider your budget, your house style and where you want apply your windows.

Taking the ventilation, privacy, security and ease of maintenance in to consideration.

Decide whether you want to the windows play as a decorative or practical role.

windows styles

 Awning Windows

Refers to windows such as hopper windows,  chain winders windows that hinges on the top and

at the bottom, allows ventilation without letting in

rain or falling leaves.

Awning Windows Application 

Especially security and soundproof for bedrooms and baby rooms.

basement hopper windows

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows with two or more panels , move horizontally along upper and lower tracks with rollers.

Thus allowing you to open up to half of the window for ventilation. Thus, they’re easy to open and allow good ventilation.

Sliding Windows Application

Easy open and close with low maintenance that makes it suitable for any buildings and constructions.


Casement Windows

Casement window also called french window,

which combines traditional and modern decor,

to maximize the opening space.

Casement Windows Application

Casement windows are well suit  for your house design

statement in laundries, living rooms,bathrooms and kitchens and commercial applications like hotel etc.


Tilt Turn  Windows

The tilt position provides draft-free ventilation

and worry free rain protection.

In the turn position, tilt and turn windows act

like casement windows, swinging their full glass area open.

Tilt Turn Windows Application 

Tilt  turn windows suits for bathroom kitchen residential or any commercial application.


Single Hung Windows

The little difference to double hung is that

 there is only lower sash operable.

 As with double hung windows, some

models also allow you to pivot the sash 

inward to clean the exterior available.

Single Hung Application 

Especially suit for kitchens, restaurant and commercial buildings.

single hung windows

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows always look like twins, 

with operable upper and down sashes. It allows

warmer air near the ceiling to move out  through the top, and  cooler fresh air flow in  through the bottom.

 Many double hung windows sashes are tilt inward,

thus doing more convenience for  you to do cleaning.

Double Hung Application 

Especially suit for kitchens, bedrooms.

double hung windows

Louvre Windows

Louvre windows are available with multiple glass or aluminium blades options, thus to allow the greatest flow of air of any window when fully opened.

Louvre Windows Application

Louvre windows are suit  for your garden or kitchens,bathrooms, and commercial applications

like hotel etc. For the purpose to better ventilation.


Custom  Windows

Custom windows will meet your unique design.

Such as round windows,arched windows,

fixed windows, bow and  bay windows.

Custom Windows Application 

They are all well suit for those dull

areas of the home, like the ends of

hallways or stairwell landings.

round windows