How does low-e glass work on windows and doors ?

Good windows are always equipped with good glass.Low-E means Low emissivity (low e or low thermal emissivity) refers to a surface condition that emits low levels of radiant thermal (heat) energy.

It is coated on the surface of a glass,it reduced the emissivity from 0.84 below to 0.15. How does LOW-E glass take amazing effect? Let’s discuss:

Features of Low-E Glass:

1.High infrared reflective, and it can  reflect infrared thermal radiation directly.

2.Low surface (emissivity) E, the ability to absorb outer energy is small, thus radiates heat energy decrease.

3.Shading coefficient SC is wide, the amount of solar penetration can be controlled according to the needs to accommodate different needs.

low-e glass

How does  Low-E  Glass work in summer and winter:

In winter, the indoor temperature is higher than outdoor, infrared heat mainly comes from indoor,low-e glass can reflect it back to indoor thus to maintain indoor heat without leaking. Regarding to solar radiation from outdoor,  low-e glass will still allow it in, this part of energy will be absorbed by indoor objects and then be transform into infrared heat and be kept indoors.

energy rating glassWhile in summer, the outdoor temperature is higher than indoor, infrared heat mainly comes from outdoor, low-e glass can reflect it out thus to prevent heat flowing indoors . Regarding to solar radiation from outdoor,  low-e glass will restrict it access to indoor, thus to reduce energy costs(such as air conditioner fee costs).

 Argon gas in vacuum low-e glass

Argon gas is a kind of inert gas, with lower heat transfer performance than air. Thus vacuum glass filled with argon gas will reduce the U-value and improve the heat insulation performance. In addition, the argon gas can protect the vacuumed low-e coating from damage.

 vacuum low e

Low-E has significant effects on the attenuation of UV

Compared with single clear glass, low-e glass can reduce the ultraviolet by 25%.

While compared with heat reflection coated glass,  low-e glass can reduce the ultraviolet by 14%.

energy saving window