Aoland Windows Types are modern which offers the advantage of durability and affordability. Aoland’s latest range of aluminium windows types sees this versatile material come of age – setting new benchmarks for style and performance.


Product Introduction

    Advantages of aluminium window

  • 1. Design Flexibility:  Provides an endless array of custom options with finishes and glasses for the advantages that aluminium metal strength and flexibility allows it to manufacture any product according to custom specification.
  • 2. Finishes:Comes with powder coating finish of a wide color range to gives you the freedom to create the look according to the required appearance.
  • 3. Recyclable: Environmentally sustainable material, if offers one of the highest recycling rate compare to any other metal.

Extrusion Profile Options

Aluminium Windows Extrusion Profile Details:

Best Qualified Chinese Aluminium Extrusion Supplier with 6063-T5 aluminum profile thickness 1.4-1.6 mm for windows

  • Extrusion Profile: Alternative non-thermal and thermal break  insulation options
  • Surface Finish: 1.Powder coating; 2.Anodized; 3. Electrophoresis; 4.Wood grain 5.Fluorine carbon coating.
aluminium-awning-windows* Viewing colours online will vary between display screens. For the best colour matching please contact us for an aluminium powder coat colour sample. Colour availability may vary between branches.

Glass Options

Surface Finish: Low-e; Reflective;Frosted; Tinted; Clear tempered glazing


Thickness OptionsSingle6mm; 10mm; 12mm single tempered glazing
Double Glass5+12A+5mm; 5+27A+5mm; 6+12A+6mm double glass
Triple glass5+6A+5+6A+5mm triple glass
Laminated Glass5+0.76pvb+5mm;6+2.28pvb+6mm Laminated Glass

Product Brochure (Download)

Product Brochure (PDF)


Awning Windows

At Aoland we take great pride in understanding and design your unique to meet your needs. Our expertice in aluminium windows can help you get the most from your investment. 

Sliding windows

Aluminium sliding windows are a popular choice for quick and effective ventilation. They are also useful in areas with limited space that cannot accommodate a window sash protruding inside or out.

Casements window

Aluminum casement window is strongly reminiscent of traditional Australian style. The storybook style opening allows quick and easy ventilation and a unique visual in both the open and closed position.   Very popular architectural classic feature in today’s modern designs.

Tilt Turn Windows

Tilt& turn offers two functions for inside opening and tilt opening. When rainy and can be with tilt opening for air through and very popular for villa using.

Double Hung window

Aoland double hung windows  are both aesthetically and practically used in  the latest in home designs . With two operable sashes upper and down to allow ventilation. While single hung windows have only one sash operable.

Louvre Windows

Fixed Windows are an effective, inexpensive way of allowing natural light into those dull areas of the home, like the ends of hallways or stairwell landings.

Custom WIinodws

Are you looking for grand expanse of glass to run the entire length of a waterfront apartment? A uniquely glazed archway to give a house extra character? Yes,Aoland has the solution for you. At Aoland we will work with you to design and build exactly the window or windows you have in mind.